The lightweight, uncluttered way of getting breaking news. Stay up-to-the-minute. Follow Twitter feeds and searches. Check on auctions. Know it when it happens.

blago telexer


built on AIR - - - - so it runs on Win, Mac and Linux:



so… what if –

…you could have the speed and directness of Twitter, combine it with real news from the big news sites, and *not* get overwhelmed or distracted by the amount of it all?
Lightweight and uncluttered, blago.telexer will notify you of news, unobtrusively, the way you want it. You can be sure you don’t miss breaking news or updates anymore.


…you want to unclutter and simplify – but still follow the news as it’s happening?

If you feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of news items in a conventional RSS reader, then this is for you. If you want to keep up with real news, not gossip, and want to be notified of breaking news stories – or emerging e-commerce opportunities – then this is for you. If you’re behind a computer all day and want to keep up-to-the-minute tabs on what’s happening, this is for you.

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…you’d like to try it?

Give the free version a spin! You can conveniently install it right from this site. It will not load any extra stuff that might make your computer unstable, nor any dodgy toolbars or advertising. If you like it, you can easily upgrade to the full version without de-installing the application.

download and try

  • fully functional, no ads
    no popups.


    to get the most out of your .telexer.

  • Optimized for the major news sites

    ...but it'll work with Twitter RSS, any auction or torrent feeds, or your custom Amazon- or Google searches, a Flickr keyword search - anything you like. See the tips & wizards
  • hey! I love the app, tnx.

    Mike b, Amsteredam

    This is a great find. Sweet looks, great details, and just wait for the news to come streaming in.

    Peter T, MasterMind, UK