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Updated: AIR Badge Clicktracker v1.2 WordPress plugin

A very slight change: I only updated to the current AIR version (2.0) and added a note about the publisherId: The pubId, although deprecated, is needed for backwards compatibility. You can find the publisher ID as a long string of gibberish in the name of your app’s install folder, or use a program like Badger […]

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Update: AIR Badge Clicktracker plugin 1.1

The values that had to be hard-coded into the source are now manageable from the Settings page. Also, the tag used to place the badge on the page no longer needs to contain urls and id’s.

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Comparing free analytics services you could use with WordPress

Woopra, Google Analytics plus Polaris, WassUp, and Statcounter compared. With the current Telexer site, I’m discovering *all kinds* of new trackers and analytics services. Desktop clients, Adobe AIR front-ends. Real-time stuff, etc. I need to make a choice. Here’s how I think those services stack up.

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Hail to Akismet

And a hearty ROFL for its Yummy Pie, too (check your WP dashboard if the reference escapes you). In the past few days I got my first taste of a spammers wave on my WordPress site. They were trying everything but the doorbell, but no luck. Akismet saw through all them devious scammers. WassUp as […]

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WordPress: how to show current category

You can highlight the currently visited category in WordPress – but it’s not a standard thing. You have to add some code to your template. Here’s what I did.

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Track user clicks on your AIR Badge – a plugin for WordPress

A quick how-to on tracking clicks on an AIR Badge, worked into a plugin for Wordpress that places the neccessary badge code, and displays click counts on the Settings page.

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No-frills SocialBar plugin

I love *customizing*, so here’s a custom social buttons plugin for WordPress that will not let you customize anything… heh. Basically, it’s made for use within this site, and I only have this fixed set of requirements for the buttons under each post, so I didn’t add any options page to this plugin. I wanted […]

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blago DiggBadge plugin for WordPress

After my adventures in making a TweetBadge, I had to construct my own DiggBadge as well, of course. This one actually Diggs, unlike *some* plugins I’ve seen. And where the TweetBadge only counts retweets coming from clicks on itself, the DiggBadge queries Digg to get the actual dugg-count and the story-page from there.

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