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New CNN mobile news app: future of online news is in paid applications?

I doubt if the future of online news is in single-source, paid-for content, but CNN, with their new app for iPhone, certainly shows that paid applications could be the way to go – they combine the features you actually might want in a news app, and the end result a well-designed and usable app to boot.

CNN news for iPhone – $1.99 plus advertising:

articles and video news, localized weather and traffic; save for offline viewing, share news stories; link to CNN’s iReport

CNN news for iphone

Very impressive app, if only it weren’t single-source. It combines CNN’s headline articles, breaking news with customization, the ability to save stories, streaming video, and an uplink to CNN’s citizen journalism effort iReport. The app is simple to use and easy to navigate. Mashable calls it a standard-setter and maybe even a game-changer due to it’s iReport link. I agree on the features being impressive – if only they weren’t tied in with CNN-only news. Very nice looking interface; I wonder if they have looked at the LCI mobile app (more below) from the French TF1?

on latimesblogs.latimes.com
on mashable.com

NPR news for iPhone – free:

portable public radio – Hear, read and share NPR News stories


on TUAW.com

USA Today for Android – free:

headlines, sports scores, weather, pics of the day, snapshot polls

USA Today for android

on androidtapp.com

I designed the interface for something like the USA Today app once, for Dutch provider @Home (now Ziggo): the “SnelBrowser” aka SpeedBrowser, a free desktop feed reader with Dutch traffic and weather for @Home subscribers.

Notice News for Android and iPhone – multi source news:

A Google News feed reader, with pictures and a tag cloud; share a story; news sources searcheable by keyword – but no non-English news; outside of BBC there is no non-American news source.

Notice News for android

Notice Software claims that they are different from Google News, and do not include “government sponsored” news sources. This seems to be a very American hang-up – BBC is generally perceived to be very reliable, but is nonetheless a “public” news service. Makes you wonder why Notice Software is better suited in managing what I want to read, as there is no way to edit the app’s source list?

LCI Actualité by TF1 mobile, for Android: French language news

app seems similar to CNN’s, but it doesn’t appear to have any site of its own, nor do I spot any promotion on TF1’s site for that matter…. curious!
headlines, breaking news alerts, video, radio, weather

LCI news for android

review: (in French)
at francemobiles.com

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